Who Am I?


I am a professional engineer. Without revealing my age, I received an engineering degree in 1967, a Masters degree in 1970, and I am currently working toward a PhD in  energy systems.  I also teach a fourth year engineering power systems course at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.  I enjoy interacting with the bright young students.
My background has been largely focused on energy, having worked at two utilities, and a major oil company.  After retirement, I started a small company, hoping to ski 3 mornings each week and work three afternoons.  Like my retirement, that failed as well.  The company now has about 50 employees and is a leader in its field.  While I continue to work for the company, we now have an outstanding management team that are taking it into many exciting projects that will contribute well to our future.

This all sounds good, but in fact, I have become very frustrated at decisions that I am seeing, driven by “experts” with little knowledge of energy systems and a very poor overall understanding of the issues ahead.

I have created this blog, and I will post many thoughts and ideas, and I would encourage anyone to either write a blog post of their own – which I will post, or make comments.  A healthy discussion of people, both in agreement and in total disagreement with what I present, would be a great educational benefit.  I have always believed that I learn a lot more from people that I do not agree with than those that I agree with.  So please feel free to comment or write your own thoughts for this page.  Hopefully it will be fun and informative.